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Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms was a great plugin with a problem: outside of the WordPress plugin directory, it had no way of attracting new customers. In a little over a year, my content and SEO strategy has put them on the map for years to come.

Using tools like SEMrush, I searched for all the best and most relevant keywords to target. Using these keywords, I wrote new content to rank high in Google, but also convert new customers. I also rewrote old content to align better with the keyword strategy. The results were amazing.


  • Increased website traffic by 25%
  • Increased revenue by 20%
  • 75% of my content is ranking in the top 3 results for the highest value keywords & phrases
  • Blog conversions increased at least 500%
Content Types
Keyword Research
Graphic Design
In just over a year, my content and strategy increased traffic by 25% and avg time on page by 13%. The 100+ articles I wrote also increases entrances by 50%.
Example of what kind of traffic increase happened after I re-wrote and reoptimized an outdated article.
My content was written to drive revenue and conversions too, contributing majorly to the 20% revenue increase... all during the global pandemic.
Sample SEO results
Sample Blog Articles