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Retail Travel Email Marketing Campaigns

Cruise Connections Canada

Retail travel emails targeted to the cruise market. When I inherited this project, unsubscribes were high, and the list was disengaged. Through a complete content overhaul, strategic tweaks, improved design & better copy, we were able to see a dramatic increase in the amount of leads + revenue generated.



  • Decreased unsubscribe rate to 0.13%
    (Travel industry avg is 0.24%)
  • Increase revenue directly from email 18% YOY
    (45+ million in revenue in less than a year)
  • Improved clickthrough rate to avg 5.5% YOY
    (Travel industry avg is 2-3%)
  • Improved open rate to avg 40%
    (Travel industry avg is 20%)
Content Types
Graphic Design
The task was to create a clean email that also had as much information jammed into it as possible.
Sometimes the emails were very design heavy. But actually, I really enjoyed creating these.
I also created several transactional emails like this one. By the way, I designed, wrote, and came up with the marketing angel for this and all emails during my time at Cruise Connections.
Sample Email Header Designs