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Real Estate Lead Magnet Content Campaign​

Laurex Advisors

Getting leads in the Nursing Home Brokerage business is akin to finding needles in haystacks. If you can find them though, you’ll be sitting pretty. Although this space has low search volume, most people searching online in this niche are either buyers or sellers.

To attract organic traffic & separate the quality leads from the tire-kickers, I developed a series of emails and high-value PDF content. The campaign was created using ActiveCampaign, and user behavior was tracked and triggered in real-time when visitors landed on the site.


  • Increased page visits (to targeted landing pages)
  • Improved time on site (to nurture leads)
  • Increased leads by 500+% (based on calls scheduled)
Content Types
Web Content
Graphic Design
Example of a cover design for a PDF lead magnet I developed.
One of several email banners I designed for this campaign.
Example of an inner page from the series of PDF lead magnets I designed.
One of several drip emails I developed for this campaign. The goal was to get people back to the site to encourage them to schedule a call.