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Real Estate Lead Magnet Content Campaign​

Laurex Advisors

Finding leads in the Nursing Home Brokerage business is like finding needles in haystacks. Although this space has a low search volume, most people searching for opportunities in this niche are either buyers or sellers.

To attract organic traffic & separate the quality leads from tire-kickers, I developed a series of emails and high-value PDF content. The email component of the campaign was created using ActiveCampaign. User behavior was tracked and triggered in real-time when visitors landed on the site and interacted with it.



  • Increased page visits by 300% in a single month (to targeted landing pages)
  • Improved time on site by 500+%
  • Increased leads by 500+% (based on calls scheduled)
Content Types
Web Content
Graphic Design
Example of a cover design for a PDF lead magnet I developed.
One of several email banners I designed for this campaign.
Example of an inner page from the series of PDF lead magnets I designed.
One of several drip emails I developed for this campaign. The goal was to get people back to the site to encourage them to schedule a call.