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Retail Travel Social Media Contests

Cruise Connections Canada

Contests are great for retail. For the biggest cruise travel agency in Canada, I devised 2 online contests: a major giveaway, and a monthly ‘refer-a-friend’ contest. Both were administered using the Gleam Contest platform.

The results were staggering – well worth trading for the price of a 2 person cruise vacation (the grand prize of our big online contest). The monthly contests provided great content and engagement with our audience as well.



  • Increased email list by over 600% (8000 new subscribers from a single online contest).
  • Improved awareness in the market.
  • Increase social followers by 2500+ across Facebook and Twitter.
  • 10% of entrants became customers later that same year.
Content Types
Landing Pages
Graphic Design
A smattering of stats from the Facebook portion of the Alaskan Cruise Giveaway I designed.
The total number of contest 'actions' taken by entrants as tracked by the Gleam Contest plugin.
The contest traffic stats I was able to achieve for the Alaskan Cruise Giveaway. The only budget I had was for the prize, so this was a huge win.
The main Facebook Contest Post I created.