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Retail Travel Email Marketing Campaigns

Cruise Connections Canada

Contests are great for retail. In 2019, they are great for online use because much of the admin can be completely automated using the correct setup and tools. I devised 2 contests: a major giveaway, and a monthly ‘refer-a-friend’ contest with monthly winners. Both were administered using the Gleam Contest platform.

The results were staggering – well worth trading for the price of a 2 person cruise vacation. The monthly contests provided great content and engagement with our audience as well.


  • Increased email list by over 600
  • Improved awareness in the market
  • Increase social followers by 2500+
  • 10% of entrants became customers
Content Types
Landing Pages
Graphic Design
A smattering of stats from the Facebook portion of the Alaskan Cruise Giveaway I designed.
The total number of contest 'actions' taken by entrants as tracked by the Gleam Contest plugin.
The contest traffic stats I was able to achieve for the Alaskan Cruise Giveaway. The only budget I had was for the prize, so this was a huge win.
The main Facebook Contest Post I created.