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Education Brand Advertising & Design

Kumon Canada

Over the years, I’ve created content for a few companies that make use of “brand guidelines”. Kumon’s was one of the best I’d had the pleasure of using. Within those guidelines, I produced dozens of pieces, including these standouts below.

The goal of creating these pieces was to create a cohesive brand presentation across various mediums. I was responsible for creating pieces for the Kumon Blog, email, and promotional use in Kumon centers across Canada.

Content Types
Digital Ads
This is one several infographics I designed to help promote the Kumon blog.
A poster I designed around a new year promotion we created.
A postcard I designed as something that enrolled students could take home to their parents.
A poster I designed to inspire kids to enjoy learning math. I'm quite happy with how the poster turned out, and it's still posted in many Kumon centers today.
Another infographic for the Kumon Blog.
Yet another infographic I made for the Kumon Blog. These were popular because they were shareable and could be emailed to help instructors improve retention at their Kumon centers.
A version of this poster was orginally produced in the 80's. Popular demand required me to reproduce it.