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Education Blog Content & Strategy

Kumon Canada

At Kumon Canada, I managed the blog with the goal of increasing brand awareness & conversions. I was behind all the articles, copy & design. Kumon has many blogs internationally, but the Kumon Canada blog continues to outperform them all, even with no content updates since I departed in early 2018.

Through the use of SEO best practices, I also performed a complete audit and rewrite of all pre-existing Kumon blog content and ensured best practices were followed for all newly created content.


  • Content increased conversions by over 500%
  • Increased organic traffic by over 250%
  • Increased blog engagement by 300+%
    (Pageviews + time on site, decreased bounce rate)
Content Types
Digital Ads
One of dozens of blog banners I designed for the Kumon blog.
Pinterest likes longer-ish graphics, so I made one of these for each article we put out.
I used Pinterest to drive tons of traffic to the Kumon blog.
The Kumon Blog layout I designed.
Sample Articles