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Ecommerce Software (SaaS) Blog Content & Strategy

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At Loop, I was able to take a deep dive into the world of ecommerce & Shopify. The goal at Loop was to become the “Hubspot of Ecomerce” by targeting keywords across post-purchase, Shopify, and everything ecommerce.

Loop created an amazing software solution where online stores can fully automate their returns management. To get the word out, I created a content strategy that included blog articles, case studies, landing pages, marketing copy, sales enablement pieces, and partnership content.



  • Increased unique pageviews by 240% from Q2 to Q3.
  • 70% of blog articles written ranked in the top 3 for highest value target keywords.
  • Increased blog engagement by 70% over a single quarter.
Content Types
Keyword Research
Graphic Design
In a few months, I was able to score four #1 ranking articles, along with two more at #2 rank. Those four #1 articles get more traffic than the previous two years-worth of articles combined.
The orange line is what a week of blog traffic looked like in May 2021, before I started at Loop. The blue is how things looked during a week in October 2021 after a few months of my SEO content.
Sample SEO results
Sample Blog Articles
Blog Article: Funding Announcement
Post-purchase software article
Blog Article: Ecommerce Software
Blog Article: Ecommerce
Post-purchase behavior article
Blog Article: Ecommerce